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Keep them coming back with automated, data-driven push notifications.

Getting visitors to your site is hard enough. We make engaging and retaining them easier with the most sophisticated platform dedicated entirely to push notifications. See how easy, effective, smart and scalable push can be for your business.


Powered by
Machine Learning

Engage your audience at a deeper level. We blend in-platform push notification deployment with automated messaging based on behavioral data, machine learning and user-level personalization. Let Pushly automate push content at scale to boost response rates and audience retention.

User-Level Personalization

To optimize engagement, you have to get personal. Pushly’s machine learning capabilities allow publishers to immediately begin sending personalized content based on a subscriber’s onsite behavior and interaction with notifications.

Supercharge personalization by easily integrating the Pushly platform with a DMP, data layer or other first-party data source to leverage known user attributes for notification customization.

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Content Automation

Take personalization one step further by automating push notification creation and delivery. Our technology does the heavy lifting by sending notifications optimized based on real-time analysis of user data, saving valuable time for your team.

Get the right message to the right audiences at the ideal time. Simply sync our platform with a CMS, RSS Feed or an API to feed the Personalization Engine with data to automate notification deployment.

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Scalable Intelligence

Our platform is designed to meet each publisher’s targeting needs. The Personalization Engine ingests first-party data and passes push performance metrics in a publisher’s preferred format.

Benefits include customizable UTM parameters to monitor site engagement down to the individual notification, regular data ports for inclusion in reporting dashboards and user-level reporting to make better cross-channel decisions.

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Seamless Integration

Integrate push quickly into your current workflow and start building new segments and notifications in minutes.

Automated Reporting

Log in to your dashboard to set performance benchmarks, download and share campaign data and generate customized audience insight reports.

Dedicated Support

Get live training, account management, analysis and recommendations from our team of dedicated push notification specialists.

Build Segments

Group subscribers into any number of audience segments and bring them back to your site with highly relevant notifications.

Create Campaigns

Set up a series of notifications based on pre-configured requirements and own and record all of the traffic directly on your site.

Optimize Notifications

See all sent and scheduled notifications and quickly duplicate what worked best to get more performance from your next campaign.

Built for the Enterprise

Unlimited technical capacity and personalized support make it easy to incorporate push into any large audience development strategy.

Manage Multiple Domains

Access all of your properties in a single interface and assign different user access levels for each domain.

Customize the Experience

Customize subscriber opt-in path, pre-configure series of notifications and automate with custom APIs and feeds.

Push Forward

Publishers of all kinds use push notifications.

Large to medium-sized news and content publishers aren’t the only kinds of sites to benefit from push notifications. E-commerce, sports and other sites are using push notifications to grow their businesses.

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