Every month, Pushly will bill you $.02 per Active User. An Active User is defined as a user who is still subscribed and able to receive notifications.

Pushly charges a minimum monthly fee of $100.

Pushly does not limit the number of pushes you can send to your users. We will work with you to integrate this new channel.

Our partners get unlimited seats in the platform, meaning any team member you select can be added to your account.

At Pushly, we want to earn your business every single day. There is no long-term commitment or fees associated with terminating service.

Web push notifications work on nearly all devices except for iOS Mobile (iPhones). This means desktop (Mac/PC) and other mobile devices (Android) are available. As additional devices enable this technology, our team is prepared to integrate our technology.

Pushly offers both direct (on your own domain) and pop-up (proxy domain) implementation. No matter your technical aptitude or access, we can work with you to begin gathering subscribers.

Pushly does not store any personally identifiable information (PII) about your users, nor do we sell your subscribers’ data to third parties.

Absolutely! With Pushly’s integration, we’re able to collect information based on user-level behavior which is associated with a user’s anonymized subscription ID. Pushly organizes that behavioral data into audience segments, allowing you to send subscribers content they most likely will find engaging.

Pushly offers the ability to automate your notification deployment. You are able to integrate Pushly with your CMS or RSS feed to automatically deploy notifications based on defined criteria.

I have other questions, how do I get in touch with someone at Pushly?

Please either fill out our contact form or email info@pushly.com with your questions and contact information. Our team will reach out to you as soon as possible!